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Annoyed at a long wait at the TIFAC-Core building for getting exactly, wait-for-it (God bless you Barney Stinson), one page, I wrote this in the following free English class!

I can think of many 4-letter words that can be an immense cause for frustration to the average human being. but the one that makes us the most impatient person on the planet is : 'Wait'!

Everywhere in life we are made to wait - standing in queue to get mess food, waiting for the green signal at a traffic junction, waiting for a text message reply from a particular someone ;) and so on. The absolute sense of restlessness that we experience while 'waiting' for something to happen is unparalleled! Every second is a minute, every minute an hour, every hour an eternity.

The instability is more pronounced while we 'wait' for an outcome that would decide our fates, like when a soldier is in the trenches waiting for their enemies, or when we have to endure 2 gruesome months to receive our Board Exam …

The Joys of Reading

Just after reading Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr, all in a row, the light-headedness one gets after reading a string of awesome books hit me hard and motivated me to write this! ;)

It begins as a casual glance, then a stare, a sudden emotion bursts forward, followed by a longing to possess it. Once obtained, the emotion is in hiding till another one is spotted. No, I am not describing the arcane methods of ornithology that male members of the human race employ! I am describing the flurry of emotions that rush forth to an avid bibliophile when he/she spots a book they had longed to own or add to their collections.

The feeling is spontaneous. Bibliophiles can easily be ferreted out of a store. They will be the ones who gravitate towards the books' section when they enter Landmark rather than running towards the new iPad on display. A true book-lover knows the value of printed material and values it the way a mother would value her new-born. As such, common enemies to all bibliophiles ar…

Epic Single Sentence Page!!!

I wrote this during one EVS period when we had a sub prof and she was like "Write something about the conservation of natural resources and blah blah..." so I got down to doing what I'd done once with Prashanth Sridhar in school - making a huge mess of a single topic so much so that the teacher gets pissed and throws either the writer, or the written material, or both, quite unceremoniously out of the class! Nothing of that sort happened at SASTRA though because I slept through the rest of the period after writing this and marvelling at it! If the reader will notice, the whole passage is a single sentence! ;)

In view of the current degrading standards of environmental awareness, coupled with the unreasonably high existing rates of pollution, degradation, exploitation, over-use, misuse and unscientific harvesting of earth's natural resources obtained from the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere, it may be deemed absolutely necessary that all of mankind is put under…


This is the speech I gave at the Athenium meet at SASTRA University on September 5, 2012.

I find beginnings a really difficult ordeal. For instance, I stared at my pen for at least 7 hours, on and off, before I could think of the first few lines. I would say I have this general difficulty in beginning anything else too - fraternizing with someone I meet in class, talking to a girl I might meet at Canopy and so on. I'll just sit there (or stand), tongue-tied, lost for words. Beginnings are difficult.

Besides being hesitant in talking to someone, beginning a new course in German (which I was supposed to during the holidays that followed my Board exams), starting up a new routine, commencing a novel diet (facepalm), in fact anything can be a pain in the derrière! Different people hesitate to "begin" due to different reasons. Some have an inborn shyness in them, some are just lost for words when they see some people, whereas others may be lazy, preoccupied or simply absent-min…