Epic Single Sentence Page!!!

I wrote this during one EVS period when we had a sub prof and she was like "Write something about the conservation of natural resources and blah blah..." so I got down to doing what I'd done once with Prashanth Sridhar in school - making a huge mess of a single topic so much so that the teacher gets pissed and throws either the writer, or the written material, or both, quite unceremoniously out of the class! Nothing of that sort happened at SASTRA though because I slept through the rest of the period after writing this and marvelling at it! If the reader will notice, the whole passage is a single sentence! ;)

In view of the current degrading standards of environmental awareness, coupled with the unreasonably high existing rates of pollution, degradation, exploitation, over-use, misuse and unscientific harvesting of earth's natural resources obtained from the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere, it may be deemed absolutely necessary that all of mankind is put under a compulsive state of mind in which they may realize and understand the extent of damage wrecked on their environment over the last few hundred years due to rapid industrialization and rampant apathy towards their surroundings in all spheres of life, calling for strict legal, penal, moral and obligatory action on any individual indulging in any of the aforementioned misdeeds or posing a general threat to the maintenance of the earth as we know it today by allegedly indulging themselves in activities that may have far-reaching detrimental effects on the existence of any species currently, as of September 8, 2012, existing on earth, due to negligence or a planned effort in doing the same.


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