I have flown a lot. I've been flying since I was a babe in my mother's arms. I do not revel in the sights and sounds at airports anymore. The ordeal is as mundane as wiping my butt after a shit. It's part of the process. But flying in itself - soaring above civilization, closeted in an aluminium can, separated from the frigid low-pressure air outside by 3 to 4 inches of ice-crusted windows - is always awe-inspiring! This is why I always prefer to sit at the window. I especially enjoy watching the sunlight skid and bounce off shifting clouds and distant buildings. Dots of reflecting light competing for space in the horizon against the overbearing sun.
Leaving civilization behind is quite momentous. The captain(s) inform you of their agenda (or whatever they deem fit to convey to us mortals merely sharing this aerial vehicle with them) and within seconds, you are hurtling down a roadway at an acceleration hitherto unexperienced by terrestrial beings and suddenly you cannot fe…

Random poem

I chanced upon this poem quite by accident while searching for some other e-mail in my inbox. Cheers :)

Written on Feb 10, 2016:

Cheek on palm, eyes just ajar,He dreams in class, travelling afar,To a wonderful place where the ailment of boredom,Plagues the human mind seldom.A utopian landscape with friends and fun,Where you needn't go back with the set of the sun,24/7 they may do as they please,Drinking from rivers, living in trees.Yet as he readies himself to sleep,Eyes close fully and a smile begins to creep,In on his visage, he is awoken with a start,It seems he had in slumber, let out a fart!

A day in the life of the devil

Another one from the writing sessions :D
I walked lazily into the room. Another day, another human to catch off guard. As the door shut behind me, she turned around and a silent gasp escaped her mouth. When you've been doing the same job for centuries on end, you lose any interest in pranking these misled fools. "Who are you and what the fuck are you doing in my room?" Okay. That was new. Usually, humans prayed or ran for their leather books. How they find solace in leather only they know. "Really? Red skin, horns longer than your arm and you don't know?" "Are you the devil?" Okay, that does it. I'm sick of these humans imagining there's one devil out there and that the same one always comes to them. Like what the actual fuck?! We're not that inefficient! "I'm A devil, not THE devil. Please!" "Whatever man just do what you gotta do and get the fuck out of my room. I'm Skyping my boyfriend and I haven't seen him sin…

Conspiracy theories 101

We seem to be aware of so many conspiracy theories in the world - the 9/11 attacks were an inside job, the moon landing was fake, Tupac was killed by the government and lately, the earth is flat and that NASA is an organisation whose sole intent is to keep the world brainwashed. I’ve been doing quite some reading into the whole conspiracy theory phenomenon and I think what’s interesting in all of these is a common denominator of mistrust and speculation. Also, funnily enough, most of these theories are based on the affairs and politics of USA. I am unsure of whether I see it this way because: a. A lot of what happens on the internet tends to be what happens in USA b. The conspiracy theorists in this country are louder than the others and hence, drown out the theories arising from other places c. Theirs is the only evil government d. They are the only ones who aren’t misled by the powers operating above them and controlling their lives and beliefs e. Any other explanation that I cannot curr…

Paris, je t'aime mais tu ne m'aime pas

Paris. The city has many flavours they say. I had dreamed of visiting this place ever since I read (more like studied) about it in my French classes. 10 years of studying French and 7 years of forgetting it later, I finally managed to visit la ville d'amour (mais pas avec une amour). The spectrum of opinions about the city varied from "wondrous" to "filthy" but one thing remained constant - it was always touted as a 'must-visit' city. And so when my brother decided he was coming to Europe, I used this as an excuse to throw Paris into the itinerary. When I told my friends (French and otherwise) that I was visiting Paris, I heard, "the people are not nice", "they won't speak to you in English even if they know English", "there's filth, dirt and beggars everywhere", "you can't go there unless you speak French" and the crown jewel of all comments, "any Frenchie not from Paris pretty much hates Paris.&…

Random prompt writing

I go to these writing meetups every Wednesday and this week's session was quite interesting. Dustin had these dice with different pictures on each side and gave one to each of us. The pictures that showed up after all of us had rolled our die were the words we were to use in our 15 minutes of writing (I spent 20 minutes writing though :P) So this is what came up. (I ended up using all but one word)
Prompts: Sunflower, rainbow, lightning, flashlight, magnet, key, hand/palm, crescent moon, clock/watch
It was a clear night, no clouds in the sky. Constable Marco could clearly see the crescent moon behind the leaves of the giant tree that stood guard outside the cemetery. There was a cool breeze that wafted past and stirred the sunflowers that lay at the head of the gravestone he stood at. He glanced at his watch and grimaced. 28 more minutes. He had another 28 minutes to decide whether he wanted to stay and meet the mysterious person from the online forum or just leave and regret not hav…

First 6 months as an NRI

You've been accepted into a prestigious university in "veli naadu" (it was ETH Zürich in Switzerland for me) and after the incredulity of it all has come and gone, you start making preparations to make your move. You don't really know whether you're excited or you're anxious but there is a tinge of foreboding in that impatience, a tinge of worry in the glee, a dab of fright in the excitement. At least that was how it was for me. Now, after having spent 6 months (minus the 3 weeks that I was in Chennai for), I can safely say I am now one of those NRIs. Well, maybe not safely because if I was saying this and not writing it down along with my blog post, I'd be "kalaaichified" for the remainder of my life. But let's face the facts, I am currently a non-resident Indian. Anyway, so your beaming parents and grandparents will announce to all the aunties and uncles that "en payyan Swiss ku poran". Be happy. Not everyone gets this opportunity…