Annoyed at a long wait at the TIFAC-Core building for getting exactly, wait-for-it (God bless you Barney Stinson), one page, I wrote this in the following free English class!

I can think of many 4-letter words that can be an immense cause for frustration to the average human being. but the one that makes us the most impatient person on the planet is : 'Wait'!

Everywhere in life we are made to wait - standing in queue to get mess food, waiting for the green signal at a traffic junction, waiting for a text message reply from a particular someone ;) and so on. The absolute sense of restlessness that we experience while 'waiting' for something to happen is unparalleled! Every second is a minute, every minute an hour, every hour an eternity.

The instability is more pronounced while we 'wait' for an outcome that would decide our fates, like when a soldier is in the trenches waiting for their enemies, or when we have to endure 2 gruesome months to receive our Board Exam results. Characteristic symptoms of restlessness and in severe cases - mental trauma - include aimless meandering, hurt to the self, pointless dithering/screaming or on the other side of the spectrum - paralysis due to extreme inactivity arising due to boredom!

Just some time back, I had to 'wait' to get a print-out from the TIFAC-Core building. The person at the computer asked me to 'wait' for 2 minutes while he cleaned his nails, checked his e-mails, checked his friend's e-mails, read a marriage invitation, went to take a leak and then switch on the printer. I took to calculating the overhead fan's rate of revolution (in rpm) :P After 2 minutes, he begins printing out a HTML lab manual for one of his "machans" who called him up 21 seconds after he switched on the printer and asks him to do him that favour... So much for 'waiting'!

Waiting has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives that, at times, we hardly realize that we're waiting for something (or someone). Keeping at bay "mental instabilities" is made easy by engaging oneself in another activity such as reading the newspaper, doing a Sudoku, or simply sleeping during the EVS and ES periods (like I do!)

So please 'wait' for my next post! ;)


  1. I have a compulsive reply syndrome.. so waiting to post my next comment..


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