The Joys of Reading

Just after reading Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr, all in a row, the light-headedness one gets after reading a string of awesome books hit me hard and motivated me to write this! ;)

It begins as a casual glance, then a stare, a sudden emotion bursts forward, followed by a longing to possess it. Once obtained, the emotion is in hiding till another one is spotted. No, I am not describing the arcane methods of ornithology that male members of the human race employ! I am describing the flurry of emotions that rush forth to an avid bibliophile when he/she spots a book they had longed to own or add to their collections.

The feeling is spontaneous. Bibliophiles can easily be ferreted out of a store. They will be the ones who gravitate towards the books' section when they enter Landmark rather than running towards the new iPad on display. A true book-lover knows the value of printed material and values it the way a mother would value her new-born. As such, common enemies to all bibliophiles are dog-ears, broken spines and frayed edges.

Reading has enchanted me since my 1st grade, when my class teacher picked a book out of the library shelves and entrusted it to me saying, "I am introducing you to a new world. Relish the joys it brings to you!" I have been relishing them ever since.

A book never scorns you. You can open it at any time during the day and revel in its depth. In case of fiction, characters jump to life out of its pages and dance around in your head till you are transported to their world, understanding their joys, sorrows, furies, excitement and all other machinations of their lives!

Besides being a very enrapturing pastime, reading has psychological benefits. A treasured book can brighten a person's demeanour even if they were engaged in a furious fight with someone a few pages back. It helps calm the mind and forget all worldly worries. Few other devices can boast of such positive catalystic bearings on people. Treasure those that do!


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