This is the speech I gave at the Athenium meet at SASTRA University on September 5, 2012.

I find beginnings a really difficult ordeal. For instance, I stared at my pen for at least 7 hours, on and off, before I could think of the first few lines. I would say I have this general difficulty in beginning anything else too - fraternizing with someone I meet in class, talking to a girl I might meet at Canopy and so on. I'll just sit there (or stand), tongue-tied, lost for words. Beginnings are difficult.

Besides being hesitant in talking to someone, beginning a new course in German (which I was supposed to during the holidays that followed my Board exams), starting up a new routine, commencing a novel diet (facepalm), in fact anything can be a pain in the derrière! Different people hesitate to "begin" due to different reasons. Some have an inborn shyness in them, some are just lost for words when they see some people, whereas others may be lazy, preoccupied or simply absent-minded!

There's never a dearth of excuses for not starting something, however, the more "bold" (or so they say!), have excuses for walking up to random people and introducing themselves (or so THEY say :P). Onlookers' comments range from, "Look at that guy! He's bold!" to, "Look at what an idiot he's making himself look like!". But the onlookers always remain what they are - onlookers!

You can attend orientations, ice-breaker sessions, speech therapy and what-not, but in the end, what will help you shed inhibitions is your self confidence.

The beginning of a relationship - be it between a parent and their kid, between a teacher and their student or between friends isn't built on brazen attempts at conversing. Relationships need to be given time to mature and giving someone more leeway in the beginning to act "brazen" could lead to healthy companionship.

We have ample examples from the world of glitz and glamour of both failed and successful relationships. Without mentioning any names (you know why!), one may learn from such shortcomings of people and try to improve our own relationship statuses.

The world is a really small global village. Being amicable and easy-to-approach can lengthen your Facebook friends' list and compel you into having more than one ID for genuine purposes!

So remember to have a Cadbury's Dairy Milk before beginning something new for a Shubh Aarambh! :D


  1. Started and ended well. However don't you think to have deviated in the middle? Write more..


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