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Seems like AGES since I last posted on my blog. Frankly, I'm a little ashamed of myself. A lot has been going on in life, but then, who doesn't have something or the other in their lives to keep them busy right? Anyway, this is an experience I had recently when we were celebrating my friend's birthday.

Birthdays are days when you want to be happy and want everyone around you to be happy, make you happy, etc. I know some people who will say, "Please surprise me! I like surprises on my birthday!" And on the other end of the spectrum there are people who will say, "Birthdays are just another day for God's sake! Can you please not make such a huge fuss about it?" Of course there are also people like me who organize birthdays for their friends almost every single year. I'm sort of used to it so much so that I find it irritating when I don't do something for someone. It sort of affects me emotionally. Don't know if I need a psychiatrist appointment for that but yeah, that's just how my top floor works. For one of my friends' birthdays, my "gang" of friends were quite busy with exams and the practical exams and the semester exams were just around the corner so his birthday celebrations were postponed to "after the exams". I couldn't take this of course, being the birthday-addicted maniac that I am (:P) so I bought him a gift and three of us gifted it to him! :)

A month before that I decided I needed to do something for this loosu friend I have named +shreya rangarajan! So we arrived at this idea of making her a video montage sort of a thing and gifting that to her. I actually enjoyed staying up all night and squeezing time in between my tests and study schedule to make the video and learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro (No, I haven't learnt all there is to it yet but yeah, I have a fair idea as to what is what and how to work with it). Quite an experience! I co-ordinated the videotaping and collection of our friends', her parents' and sister's videos for the montage. That was my first video ever.Then of course I made the farewell video for our Drama seniors too. That was actually a comparatively smaller project, considering the fact that Shreya's video came to about 17 or so minutes but the farewell video was only like 2 or 3 minutes long. I enjoyed the exposure! :)

So yes, getting back to what I was saying, birthdays. On July 30, 2013, I turned 19. And my friends here made sure that I would never forget it! I had a birthday calendar, a campus-wide treasure hunt which led me back to where I started and a sore derrière that hurt when I walked, talked, coughed, sneezed or generally just moved. On that day I decided quite a number of things. Primary of those was that I would embrace the Gandhian principles of celebrating birthdays. Gandhian birthday = wishing that person + a hug + watching while OTHERS (and not me) beat him (not her) up. I exclude the fairer sex in that last part alone because well, as we all know, they tend to resort to less impairing methods of showering affection. So these masculine indulgences, if I may call them that, fail to attract me anymore.

While I was thinking these thoughts, I was also witnessing a life-turning event in my friend's life. Maari turned 19 on December 20, 2013 and as usual, the hostel was buzzing with activity as is customary when it's someone's birthday. Maari was being given a taste of his own medicine. All the pent up anger at having their derrièrs violated by him were vented out on that segment of his body. While this was happening, he was tossed towards a person holding a bucket of water and he was bathed, quite to everyone's amusement, in that bucketful of freezing cold water. As he tried to escape the clutches of his assailant, he slipped and fell flat on his face near me. As he got up, all I could see was blood.

His front two incisors had broken straight off and another one was chipped in half. He had lost enough blood to make him feel dizzy. Suddenly the mood in the area shifted to shock. "S**t dude! Is he okay?" "How bad is it?" and so on. And of course, when one of our friends get hurt, we automatically become professional doctors and start diagnosing that person. "Do this! Don't do that!" and the like. That resulted in the crowd surrounding him to dunk a tablet of paracetamol in him, a bottle of glucose water and cleaning his wound up with cotton. After we forced him to sleep in my room so we could keep an eye on him, we had a serious discussion outside. What was to happen now? Who would bunk classes tomorrow and accompany him to the doctor? Would it be okay? How long will it take to heal? The ambience transformed from one of festivity to one of sombre.

Of course, all's well that ends well. He ended up having to get root canal treatment at two of his teeth for a very steep price and has to get teeth implants within the next 6 months. But that aside, I guess we all learnt a lesson that day.

Stop hitting your friend when he starts bleeding. If he's not bleeding or if you can't see the bleeding, extinguish his ass! >.< :P

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR folks!! :D Hoping I write more at least in 2014! :P


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