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My trip to Pazhur Village, Trichy

This is an account of my first experience of Pongal celebrations in a typical South Indian village! :)

The week before we were to leave for Pazhur village for celebrating Pongal village-style, I remember wondering to myself whether or not I should be looking forward to it. In hindsight of course I can say, without a doubt, that I should've looked forward to it a lot more than I did back then! I was at my friend Maari's place the previous night for a party, so I came back home just as everyone was preparing for the day and a half expedition. Tired from the "party" at his place, I showered and crashed in bed almost as soon as I had changed. By the time I had awakened from my deep slumber, it was 1.30pm and everyone in the house was already filing out. I only had time to grab my phone and my iPod before I had to get to the van. We picked my uncle, +Bhoo Thirumalai and my dad's colleague (at who's place we were going to crash that night) up en route to the Trichy-…