What would happen if I started a political party today?

I wrote this one fine day in class while, as usual, I was bored in class and had slept too much the last night to go to sleep again... The topic suddenly popped into my head thanks to +Aniruddh Vaidyanathan  who had a heated discussion with me a few nights back about why we must form our own political party and try to convince the general voting public that we were "good".

The political system, I emphasize on the word 'system', is really good in India. Each member of any legislative assembly has to be formally elected by a majority of people in his/her electorate. The elected member of the legislative assembly is now entrusted with the power to solve the problems and woes of the very people who elected them. In that perspective, a politician would be no different from a social service volunteer at any NGO. However, politicians are among the least trustworthy people in India because of their manner of execution of their duties. Besides being legally bound, they are morally bound to the people in their constituencies who sent them up there.

The current political scenario is plagued by corruption, crime and money-power. Anyone with a pocket big enough to support feeding dinner for many people in their constituencies on the eve of D-day gets elected! He/She would spend around 2 crore for getting elected, and would rob the very same people of 200 crore during their tenure! Foolish voters fail to realize this and continue to vote for a 100 note and a bottle of liquor. Euphemistically speaking, people are bribed with family feuds and death to elect villains and hooligans.

We read of how in ancient times, emperors plundered India, then of how the British plundered from and looted India. Now, we witness Indians looting India. Personal gain takes the better of overall gain. An enormous amount, running into thousands of crores of rupees, also fails to satiate their greed for personal betterment at the expense of the nation. The last 10 years have seen scams, scandals, murders, idiotic policy decisions, apathy towards the people, revolts, uprisings and strikes. However, the black world of politics seems to be unfazed by all this.

The political arena in India has become a jungle of money-power, thug-power, nexuses between vile interests and roiling corruption. The average Indian would say it is pointless to seethe in anger for this because the country is God-forsaken. What the average Indian fails to realize is that the country is actually 'citizen-forsaken'. In a way, all of us, as citizens of this so-called 'God-forsaken' country are also a part and parcel of a large ploy to loot the country. Is that very abstract to believe? "If I'm part of the plan I should be benefiting and not be affected by all the corruption should I not? How is this possible?" This is possible and is happening because we, being irresponsible voters, elect thieves into the legislative assemblies. Why is it absolutely necessary for us to elect irresponsible people into the government? Voters may say they only chose the 'better of all evils'.

This is why I want to start a political party. To give voters an option. To give them a chance to choose someone responsible. You may think to yourself "I've heard the same crap from a politician who's gone to jail 7 times for murder too!" True! You have heard the same nonsense from everyone. No idiot will go on stage and say, "Vote for me so I can rob you and leave you to die!" So here's a simple litmus test you can put forth to us. When you see us campaigning, you will not see us making hopeless promises of free televisions. You will not see us carrying any money. We come here in scooters, without any arranged fanfare. We come here with promises of transparency in the administration, means for redressal of grouses in a speedier manner and a better future.

We do not wish to get a majority in the Lok Sabha and watch over the whole nation. It is quite true that going that high will make you unreachable for the people. So we ask you to help us help you. We could be the change India direly needs!


  1. Good attempt. I am seeing this from many current generations. Are you serious to contest or campaign? Not too sure about contesting age limit. I can arrange for campaign should you wish...


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