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What would happen if I started a political party today?

I wrote this one fine day in class while, as usual, I was bored in class and had slept too much the last night to go to sleep again... The topic suddenly popped into my head thanks to +Aniruddh Vaidyanathan  who had a heated discussion with me a few nights back about why we must form our own political party and try to convince the general voting public that we were "good".

The political system, I emphasize on the word 'system', is really good in India. Each member of any legislative assembly has to be formally elected by a majority of people in his/her electorate. The elected member of the legislative assembly is now entrusted with the power to solve the problems and woes of the very people who elected them. In that perspective, a politician would be no different from a social service volunteer at any NGO. However, politicians are among the least trustworthy people in India because of their manner of execution of their duties. Besides being legally bound, they are mor…