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Conspiracy theories 101

We seem to be aware of so many conspiracy theories in the world - the 9/11 attacks were an inside job, the moon landing was fake, Tupac was killed by the government and lately, the earth is flat and that NASA is an organisation whose sole intent is to keep the world brainwashed. I’ve been doing quite some reading into the whole conspiracy theory phenomenon and I think what’s interesting in all of these is a common denominator of mistrust and speculation. Also, funnily enough, most of these theories are based on the affairs and politics of USA. I am unsure of whether I see it this way because: a. A lot of what happens on the internet tends to be what happens in USA b. The conspiracy theorists in this country are louder than the others and hence, drown out the theories arising from other places c. Theirs is the only evil government d. They are the only ones who aren’t misled by the powers operating above them and controlling their lives and beliefs e. Any other explanation that I cannot curr…