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Random prompt writing

I go to these writing meetups every Wednesday and this week's session was quite interesting. Dustin had these dice with different pictures on each side and gave one to each of us. The pictures that showed up after all of us had rolled our die were the words we were to use in our 15 minutes of writing (I spent 20 minutes writing though :P) So this is what came up. (I ended up using all but one word)
Prompts: Sunflower, rainbow, lightning, flashlight, magnet, key, hand/palm, crescent moon, clock/watch
It was a clear night, no clouds in the sky. Constable Marco could clearly see the crescent moon behind the leaves of the giant tree that stood guard outside the cemetery. There was a cool breeze that wafted past and stirred the sunflowers that lay at the head of the gravestone he stood at. He glanced at his watch and grimaced. 28 more minutes. He had another 28 minutes to decide whether he wanted to stay and meet the mysterious person from the online forum or just leave and regret not hav…