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First 6 months as an NRI

You've been accepted into a prestigious university in "veli naadu" (it was ETH Zürich in Switzerland for me) and after the incredulity of it all has come and gone, you start making preparations to make your move. You don't really know whether you're excited or you're anxious but there is a tinge of foreboding in that impatience, a tinge of worry in the glee, a dab of fright in the excitement. At least that was how it was for me. Now, after having spent 6 months (minus the 3 weeks that I was in Chennai for), I can safely say I am now one of those NRIs. Well, maybe not safely because if I was saying this and not writing it down along with my blog post, I'd be "kalaaichified" for the remainder of my life. But let's face the facts, I am currently a non-resident Indian. Anyway, so your beaming parents and grandparents will announce to all the aunties and uncles that "en payyan Swiss ku poran". Be happy. Not everyone gets this opportunity…