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Earlier this year a close friend of mine took a break from the rat race we call “furthering our careers” and set off to explore the Indian landscape on his newly acquired Royal Enfield. I envied him. I still do. He travels all over the country, taking pictures, meeting people, relaxing in different places – the usual travel stuff. But little did I know that running away to a far away land to “further my career” would not leave me trailing behind very far. Yes, I’m not atop a mountain sipping tea made by a chaiwallah who gets the leaves from shrubs in his backyard. But I am also meeting people of various cultures. I get to talk to people from different countries and enjoy conversing with them. So this post is dedicated to all those short encounters I had with people at airports, train stations, mountain hikes, etc.
I have always enjoyed conversations, more so during journeys. These conversations become more interesting when they are with people I have never met before. It is fascinating…