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My Dad

I don't know why but I felt like writing about my dad. People generally do such things as obeisance but what's the point? I want him to know how much I appreciate him in my life. Not just everyone other than him.
Everybody (at least most people I know), looks up to their dads. I'm one such person. As a kid, I saw my dad as the strict and angry man who came home smelling the same way he went out in the morning. How was that even possible? And he always managed to egg me on with things I had to do. I was always a round and plump kid (still am I suppose). My dad would make me exercise. And it's not the sort of, "Go for a walk around the block" sort of thing. I used to dread waking up on Fridays and Saturdays (that was the weekend in Dubai) because he'd be home and he'd make me sweat, quite literally! XD Only later in life did I realise how much it helped me. I managed to remain "fluffy" but yet rather flexible and was able to get till Black Dan …

When will we change?

I'm sitting in a train bound for Bangalore. A city where people from so many different places congregate to make a living. One might assume that the train bound for Bangalore might be filled with quite an array of pluralistic men and women who get along with many cultures. But I seem to have the misfortune of being stuck with 2 burly men who cannot stop berating the woes of having North Indian people (indha Hindi kaaranunga) "take our jobs". Seems even the Railway Police Force should be controlled by the state in which the train runs! Haha! Are these the sort of people that predominate our diverse country or are they mere dots in a sea of people with great respect for other ethnicities? Am I just na├»ve in assuming that the latter is true?For a country that fought oppression together and is divided by states but united as a nation, do we still see India as a country that is an amalgamation of many states or do we see it as a nation divided by mere cartographic boundaries …