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I don't know if this is a  mentality that is quintessentially Indian, South Indian or just restricted to SASTRA. Recently a friend of mine narrated an incident to me in which his father was summoned to the university by his Dean because my friend has 5 arrears. Upon arrival, his dad had lunch and made a beeline for the Dean's office where the Dean, my friend's mentor (oftentimes a misnomer) and the dad proceeded to humiliate my friend. Now you need to understand that my friend is a fully functional 21-year old Homo sapiens with his own ambitions in life, hopes, desires, etc. The Government of India has deemed him fit to vote, to be able to make an informed decision with regards to marriage, being able to drink and smoke knowing full well the consequences it may have on his body and many other responsibilities. The Government has deemed him a "major" who can sign in cheque books and can be held personally accountable and fully responsible for his actions. Yet, tod…