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The accident

December 14, 2015 8.00 pm
(I haven't mentioned any names. Please don't ask me to)
I had just finished dinner at PD outside campus and was walking back inside. A gray Maruti Swift suddenly lost control, spun 360 degrees twice and rammed into the barricade. A SASTRA watchman standing at the platform was thrown back and across the service road and hit his head on a sharp rock near the platform where the stalls were, right next to me. I was in shock. Like, I've seen a few road accidents. Truck ramming car, car tyre bursting and skidding to a halt, etc. None of these, however, involved any human lives at stake. I thought right there that he was gone. He remained sprawled on the road, motionless. I hadn't lost my cool. I approached him and tried calling out to him. No response. I tried patting him awake, hoping he was still conscious. Still no response. People started crowding around us and some people did the first thing anyone ought to do when such an accident happens – get t…