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That's because you're a guy!

This is one sentence all of us guys have heard. Your girlfriends say it, your sisters, your colleagues - pretty much any woman/girl you might've had the fortune of meeting. It is one sentence that ends conversations of road trips together, night outs, plans to chill at the beach past 7pm, and many many more such things. It conveys one emotion that is so omnipresent in society - fear. I wouldn't term it paranoia since that would add the term “irrational” before the word “fear”. It is a rational fear, I agree. We all know where this fear stems from. Everybody reads the news. Nobody is nestled, cushioned in the ignorance of what happens outside their walls. Some of us may even know people who've had not-so-pleasant experiences. We might have been victims of such antisocial behavior. This is India - a place where the cops needn't impose curfew past 9pm because our parents do it for us, a place where society decides what morals we must stick to, a place where the paths our l…