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My Tryst with the Cockroach

Roaches. I have been disgusted by them ever since my eyes could process those creepy crawlers. Just now I ran out of my hostel room's bathroom because one such specimen decided to set up camp there. All was well till then. I had just finished playing a good game of Dota and was readying myself for a night full of cell signaling when I felt like I had to have some Boost (really helps with the morale). So I grabbed my mug and headed in to wash it and suddenly I spot some scampering out of the corner of my eye. There he was. Resplendent in his brown exoskeleton, twitching his feelers a few feet from my left foot. I tiptoed towards my basin and proceeded to wash my mug, all the while watching out for an impending attack. Just as I was about to shut off the water supply, the animal decided that my foot needed some creeping over and charged. So did I - out of the bathroom. I quickly latched the door and then realized that my assailant could comfortably walk through the gateway under my …