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We're not tenacious, we're cowards

We call ourselves a democracy. We complain when the water doesn't come. We complain when there is no electricity. We complain when the incumbent chief minister is convicted in a disproportionate assets case. We complain if she isn't. Yet, at times when democracy really breaks down and there is a law and order situation in the state, we are asked to keep quiet. "Why bring trouble upon yourself?", they say. Are they concerned? Yes. Are they rightfully concerned? Yes. Yet I find it unjust. I find it wrong that for a country like ours - one that is so used to complaining about its politicians, one which puts politicians among the least trustworthy of occupations and the police and judiciary on a little higher pedestal, we must cower before random acts of mob violence. Who are these people burning buses and tearing down public property? People who have benefited from her reign? Maybe, maybe not. But if this is what democracy has come to mean in India, why do we need a dem…

I Found God

First of all, I have to apologize for this huge gap between posts. According to my Blogger homepage, my previous post was on June 29. Come to think of it, half my readers must've forgotten that I even exist on a blog! :/
Anyway, as the title suggests, I found a quasi-convincing answer to this question that has been taunting me ever since I started exploring my own identity, trying hard to stand out from the masses who chose to explain the inexplicable with yet another inexplicably complex entity called "God". Now before I go into what suddenly hit me as I was standing outside the JVC staff room, I'd like to ask all those theists out there, what really is God? Or rather who is God? Is it a person? A feeling? A supernatural-being-that-watches-over-us-and-protects-us-all? Amazingly enough, as I look back at the last week, I've met with a number of arguments, quite a number of counter arguments and also some people who would cut my internal marks if I told them there …