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The Courting of Indian Women

DISCLAIMER: I have the utmost respect for all women! I'm not just saying this. People who know me personally can testify that I wouldn't post chauvinistic comments on women, unless it was for the sake of a few laughs! :P So, if you're offended by my post at any time, in any way, please get un-offended immediately! I'm not ready to face lawsuits or any other sort of protest as a result of a few cheeky remarks. Thank you!
This is not a legal article. It does not relate, in any way, to the courts of law. I will not allude to that meaning of the word anywhere in this post. So now that we know what I'm talking about, I shall delve into the depths of whatever knowledge I have of this subtle and ancient art. Yes, it is an art. Not (just) a vile and demeaning prelude to a masculine conquest. It involves tact, subtlety and a sense of Indian-ness that should traverse the invisible line between you being "bhaiyya" to becoming "honey"! :P
It starts with a gla…

Nature Walk #1

This was the first time in 2 years at college that Gates and I went on the nature walk with the regulars - +Amogh Jalihal , +Ameya Jalihal and +Tejas Kinger.
After a boring, tiring, irritating day at college,  anyone would enjoy a good ol' nature walk with a couple of friends. This is exactly what we did! We had earlier decided that we'd go for a walk but I had forgotten all about it in the scorching heat. I got back from college and crashed in my room. I must thank Gates here for waking me up and asking if I was accompanying them for a walk. I hurriedly woke up (cuz we had already kept Ameya waiting a while), brushed, changed into sandals I could wear in the "wilderness" and ran out (quite literally!). Amogh, paavam that fellow, was waiting for us at GNV for half an hour! :P We joined him and then walked out of the campus, ornithologists, nature lovers and bored juveniles, all out on a mission. A mission to have a nice long walk in the wild! :D
As we hit Vallam-Pudur…