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What answer does mankind have for plants starving without water?

I presented this speech for the first round in the competition 'Talk Your Way to Japan'.
Good morning/afternoon. I am Vishvak Kannan here to present the topic, “What answer does mankind have for plants starving without water?”I would like to start by quoting Mahatma Gandhi, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed".
All of us know how important water is. But do we ever stop and think about how we get the water in our homes? Do we wonder if our water consumption practices are hampering the growth and sustenance of plants? For a very long time, man has been at the pinnacle of many technological innovations and advancements. But in his hurry, he seems to have forgotten the other pristine forms of life that share the earth with mankind. We forget that we, being a part of nature ourselves, must work towards a mutually beneficial arrangement between nature and mankind. It is therefore imperative for us, as responsible citizens of a global …

Letter to the Freshman

Imprint article #2 - Letter to the freshman I guess this is redundant after my post "My First Year at SASTRA". Nevertheless, I'm publishing it here! :)
Dear faccha, Welcome to SASTRA University, one of the most student-friendly campuses around. Rest assured, it is one of the few places away from home that will actually make you feel at home. I remember my first day at SASTRA, or rather my first night, away from my parents. They had dropped me off at the hostel and I had 2 bags and a mattress to show that I wasn’t from somewhere close by. I tossed and turned and could hardly find sleep. I ended up dozing off during my first day at college, for the first time, though not for the last. Getting to know the layout of the campus might turn out to be a task to some of the freshers but I can assure you that it will take only a few walks around the campus and getting lost a few times to map it out. Personally, I think I will be able to connect to more hostel residents than to the da…