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'Learner' Day

My day today started at around 7 am when my mom woke me up and said I need to get ready and scram for my LLR issuing appointment at the RTO at 9.15 am. I was to go to the Mandaveli RTO office along with the assistant at the office of tho owner of my old house. I wake up (not without a lot of groaning) eventually at around 7.20 am and then go through all my morning must-do-before-leaving-the-house rituals. By this time my mom has left for work. A quick heads-up, she works at a school which is a 1 hour bus ride out of the city on the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR). Yes, it's outside Chennai - it's in - wait for it - Kanchipuram.

So anyway, after I'm done with my breakfast around 8 am, I go back upstairs to my room to pick up whatever documents I necessarily require for the application and realize that I don't know where my passport is. That was my address proof and there's no way I'll be let anywhere near the license issuing dude in that dingy place without the orig…